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This page at TuxRocks.com hosts my pages about User-Mode Linux.

On June 9, 2004, I gave a presentation (also available as a PDF) on UML at the Provo Linux Users Group (PLUG) meeting. Also available is a live UML image based on Debian and Busybox which can be run directly from a CD or hard drive.

FAQ/UML Issues

The main UML development site

BlaisorBlade's site with UML patches (mirror site)

Linode kernel configurations for UML kernels run by Linode

IRC Logs for oftc.net #uml

IRC Logs for oftc.net #linode

I've begun an FAQ where I'm collecting questions and issues I've seen with UML.

I've written a root filesystem creation tool that simplifies creation of a root filesystem.


yucon is a UML Controller project making it much easier to administer multiple UMLs on one or more hosts.

Patches and other links

Here I am collecting useful patches and other links relating to UML:
mconsole_exec.patch allows execution of a process inside the UML through mconsole
token limiter v1 patch | proc io status patch Chris Aker's I/O token limiter | README
uml-status-patch Allows mconsole to report whether the UML is paused or running

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